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Presentation Manager is a Windows and Mac Worship Projection Software solution that comes with a built in media database of over 500 songs, over 500 images and over 100 videos included. The user interface looks a bit dated, but comes with the essential controls for displaying videos, images, songs and scriptures.

  1. VerseVIEW 7.3.2 for Windows and Mac – Nov 7, 2020 Download
    (Install Adobe AIR first: Windows MAC)
    Features of VerseVIEW 7
    Remote Theme for Lower Third with VerseVIEW Using VerseVIEW with LiveStream Using VerseVIEW with Zoom

VerseVIEW Songbook App

Tamil Bible Software For Mac Download

VerseVIEW Mobile Bible App

Older Version

  1. VerseVIEW 7.2.0 update for Mac Catalina Download
    *Download, unzip and run verseview_7_2_0.app
    Installing VerseVIEW on Mac OS Catalina
  2. VerseVIEW Software 6.7(Jan 26, 2017)
    (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, MAC)
  3. Adobe AIR for Windows MAC
    Install Adobe AIR before installing VerseVIEW

Tamil Bible Online

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