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Last updated: Apr. 17, 2017

You may have learned that deleted pictures from a SanDisk memory card maybe still recoverable if you act quickly, with a program called — SanDisk RescuePro.

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Is this program officially developed by SanDisk (or its parent company Western Digital)? Are there any other good alternatives to RescuePro when it comes to retrieving pictures and other types of media files from a memory card?

We're going to cover the topic in this article.

Rescuepro Deluxe Data Recovery Software Downloadable Offer

What is SanDisk RescuePro?

RescuePRO software is designed and developed by LC Technology International Inc, a company based out of Florida, USA. The program actually includes two versions: RescuePRO (standard) & RescuePRO Deluxe. Both versions can recover many types of file formats ranging from images, videos, music and more. But the Deluxe version tends to be more powerful as it supports many more additional RAW image formats and multimedia formats; also, RescuePRO Deluxe supports card capability up to 512GB while the standard version is only up to 64GB.

We couldn't find such disclosed information on the relationship between LC Technology and SanDisk. We thus assume they are business partners, that could be the reason why SanDisk directs its card users to the LC Technology product.

Pros and cons of SanDisk RescuePro

We tested the free trials of both its standard and deluxe versions. Here're our own findings. Please note: these are just our own opinions and do not serve as official reviews.

Rescuepro Deluxe Recovery Software


  • Recover many types of RAW image formats.
  • Able to backup and wipe a SanDisk card.
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS.
Rescuepro deluxe recovery software download


  • Price is a higher than other alternatives. The standard version is priced at $40, Deluxe at $60, and Deluxe Commercial at $250.
  • Do not support hard drives or RAIDs.
  • Not that easy to use, software UI/UX has room to improve.

What other alternatives can I use to recover images from SanDisk memory card?

There is an extensive list of data recovery programs available in the market, but only a handful is actually capable of handling photo recovery from SanDisk memory cards. Here're a few great alternatives to SanDisk RescuePro.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery — sits in our top recommendation list. Besides pictures, it can also retrieve a wide range of video and audio formats from SanDisk cards and other kinds of storage media like computer hard drives, external flash disks.

Sandisk Rescuepro Deluxe Recovery Software

Remo Recover Media — specifically designed to recover media files deleted or lost from digital devices. According to Remo, it supports up to 50 different media file formats. Both a PC and Mac versions are available.

Wondershare Data Recovery — works great to deep search and recover almost all common image, video and audio formats. With only three steps: connect, scan, recover; you'll see your lost items back alive again. Available for PCs only.

Rescuepro Deluxe Full Version

Meanwhile, we've also reviewed several other options in another post: best photo recovery software for PC and Mac. Check it out.

When can't RescuePro or other alternatives help?

Rescuepro Deluxe Recovery Software Download

All data recovery software work only when your memory card can be recognized by a computer, and the data contained in your deleted files are not fully written over. That means if your card is damaged or the data has been overwritten, chances of recovery can be slim if not none. But if the pictures and files are really important to you, you can contact a professional data recovery center for services. Be sure to choose a reliable one preferably in your area as many remote centers are scams. One last thing: always back up your data.

Rescuepro Deluxe Recovery Software Reviews

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