PhotoMarks 3.1


Photomarks 3 1 Screenshot Editor 2 3 32 Battery Health 3 1 0 1993 Turbomosaic 3 0 11 – Photo Mosaic Maker Manual Popchar 8 9 X 12 Spot Maps 1 3 2 – Map Your Network Settings Ad Free Spotify Music Converter 1 5 07 Focus Matrix 1 0 1 Udesktop Next Vast Wallpaper Collection 3 2 1 Fallen: A2p Protocol 1 0. What's new in PhotoMarks 3.1: PhotoMarks is an intuitive and streamlined OS X utility created to help its users effortlessly batch watermark a set of photos using a Mac. The PhotoMarks app will allow you to adjust the appearance of the logos you add to your pictures to the smallest detail and to easily resize. PhotoMarks PhotoMarks from Bits&Coffee is a fully-featured solution for visually watermarking images in batch mode for your desktop or mobile devices.With PhotoMarks you can completely customize the appearance of your text and logo watermarks, as well as perform additional edits like Resize, Rename, Auto Rotate, or add Graphical Frames to your photos in the same session.

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  1. PhotoMarks 2.7 for iPhone & iPad — December 3, 2019. New beautiful Dark theme! Landscape mode for iPhone & iPad; Updated for iOS 13 and the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro & Max; Automatically mirrors your iOS theme (Light/Dark) Additional improvements and bug-fixes; PhotoMarks 3.1 for Win & Mac — July 9, 2018 Graphic Filters (Win & Mac).
  2. PhotoMarks 3.1.0. Add text or logo watermarks to a collection of pictures in a few easy steps with options to also a. Jul 9th 2018, 15:46 GMT.

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PhotoMarks 3.1

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Photo Marks 3 1/2

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Mac OS X (PPC & Intel)

StarTych 1.4

A streamlined application that enables you to frame one, two or three different pictures using the...

Dock Designer 0.8 Beta

Easily customize your Dock.

Add Border to Image 1.0

Automator action for adding a border to your image files

Mac OS X (PPC & Intel)

Thumbscrew 1.0

Free thumbnail maker for web