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Papers must be compatible with IEEE Xplore format. Papers that not fit with the format cannot be published in IEEE Xplore. To meet this requirement authors should verify the files using the IEEE PDF eXpress system.

IEEE PDF eXpress can generate compatible PDF files with IEEE format from the source files (Conversion Function) or verify that the PDF files are compatible with the IEEE Xplore format (PDF Check function).

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The steps are:

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1. Access the website of IEEE PDF eXpress: www.pdf-express.org

2. Enter the conference ID: 43514X

3. If you do not have an account select “New Users – Click Here” and follow the steps to register. Otherwise, sign in with your email address and password.

4. Select “Create New Title” for every contribution ARGENCON.

5. Among the data that identify their work and select “Submit File for Checking or Converting”.

6. Select “Browse” and find the file. The selected file may be a PDF for compatibility or file in another format to be converted to PDF. For more details go to the website http://www.pdf-express.org/frhelp.asp.

7. Select “Upload File”. You will receive confirmation that the load was successful through an email.

Pdf Express Free

8. You will receive an email with your new PDF file, PDF verified or converted by the IEEE PDF eXpress system. If a PDF file is up to verify, the email will indicate whether it passed or failed.

9. Once verified the paper and approved by the tool, you must remove the authors and institutions. This must be done to allow the double-blind review and upload it to the EasyChair platform.

Once you finished with the IEEE PDF eXpress proceeding, to submit your manuscript go to the following address:

NOTE: you must select the track corresponding to the area of your contribution. It should also indicate whether it is a regular paper or a student paper.

This guide will show you how to get started with the PDF.js Express Web Viewer by running samples and using it to display a simple WebViewer element on a local testing server.

Indian Express Pdf Free Download


  • PDF.js Express Web Viewer:

Initial setup

  1. Download PDF.js Express and samples.

  2. Extract PDFJSExpress.zip.

Run samples

  • Node.js and NPM are required to run the samples.
  1. Navigate to the extracted PDF.js Express folder and install the required dependencies to run the samples by executing:

  2. Next run the samples by executing:

    You should see a message that reads

    where XXXX is the port the samples are using.

  3. Navigate to localhost:XXXX and you will be taken to the page with the samples. You can run and browse the source code of these samples freely.

Integrate into your application

  1. If you haven't already done so, download PDF.js Express and extract it. Move the extracted PDF.js Express folder into your project directory.

  2. Once you have the files, create a new html webpage in the same project directory. Call it index.html and paste this inside:

    To import PDF.js Express as a CommonJS module, see this section.
  3. Next to instantiate PDF.js Express Web Viewer, add this script in body after the viewer div declaration:

Sikkim Express Pdf Free Download

Now, when you run your project, you should see the viewer inside the div you passed into the constructor:

Pdf Element Express Free Download

Use more PDF.js Express APIs

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  • To use more PDF.js Express APIs, you can add the API calls in the callback of the PDF.js Express constructor. For example, to change the theme of PDF.js Express to dark, you can add:

    Refresh your application page (http://localhost:3000/) and you should see the theme has changed:

For resources on how to use more of our PDF.js Express API, check out the PDF.js Express guides and API.

Pdf Indian Express Free

Import as a module

Pdf Express Free

To integrate PDFJS Express as a module, view our npm guide.