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Audials offers a decent Radio Player and MP3-Recorder with AM, FM, and internet radio stations. The free offline radio for android has over 36,000 U.S. Stations and over a hundred thousand global radio stations and podcasts in MP3 and AAC format.

  1. Offline Radio App Free Download
Free Radio - FM Radio Without Headphones - Alarm Clock (the radio for andriod) allows you to LISTEN FREE radio stations on the internet to listen to your favorite songs at any time!
Listen to Free Radio from more than 50000 stations that broadcast styles of classical music, rock, jazz, electronic music, house, tech, news, comedy, shows, concerts and much more. Internet radio stations around the world bring you the best music, new songs and much more, all in a free music player.
Radio Without Headphones - Free FM Stations is the only application in Play store that allows you to listen to radio for android without headphones and also by bluetooth!
Free Radio - FM Radio Without Headphones - Alarm Clock
• Music equalizer
• Bass booster, bass booster
• It is completely free to access digital radio
• Free Alarm Clock Function
• Timer function, you can set the time to turn off the sound
• Has Equalizer for the music player, equalizes the music to your liking
• It is very simple to search radios and share them with your friends
• New design features with material design style for mobile
Stations and stations of local and world online radios:
Free radio stations like:
• And tens of thousands more from all over the world!
• Radio stations are added all the time!
Hot 93.1
Kiss FM
BBC World Service
Hot 104.5
105.9 KISS-FM
myTalk 107.1
Hot 103.5
97 Country
Comedy 103.1
News Radio 95
97.5 HOT103.9
Classic Hits 93.1
ESPN New York
The Beat
Chicago Public Radio
Hot 107.1
NPR (National Public Radio)
107.9 Mix FM
Power 98.3
Rock 108
Talk 1260
181.FM - The Beat (HipHop/R&B)
Classic Hits 93.9
Hot 102.9
Country Legends 100.9
89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV
Wild 96.7
Hot 97.5
Big Oldies 107.3
Soft Rock 106.5
K-LOVE Radio
Pop FM
News Radio 590
Hot 103.9
95.7 FM News/Talk WHIO
Easy Rock 105.1
Amor 93.1
Conservative Talk 94.5 FM
Hot 107.9
Mega 97.9 FM
The Country Giant
Chicago's 100.3
Hot 96.7
La Raza
Salsa 98.1
Kissin 92.5
98 Rock
Foxy 99
NewsTalk 99.1
News Radio 950
Bluegrass Country
Solamente Exitos
Hot Jamz Radio 88.9 & 94.5 FM
Classical MPR
Hot 105.5
95.7 The Rock
The Wolf
La Nueva 94
Magic 101.3
Star 102.1
News Talk 1380
K-Rock 101.5
Jazz 91
La Jota Mexicana
El Gato
Classic Hits 107.9
99 Jams
NewsTalk 1320
SKY.FM Radio - Classic Rap
La Mega
Planet 106.7
91.1 K-LOVE Radio KLDV
Federal News Radio
NewsTalk 93.1
Hawk Country 107
Country Legends 96.7
ESPN Los Angeles
Oldies 1400
News 96.5 WDBO
The Rock
FM 100.3
San Diego's Jazz 88.3
The Eagle
channel 94.1
Rock 102
Solid Gospel 105
La Bomba
Mix 98.7
J-Pop 97.1
Mix 95.1
ROCK 106.1
Cat Country 98.7
La Poderosa
True Oldies 104.9
The X-Factor
Soul 106.3
94 Rock
La Invasora
MOViN 92.5
River Country
Power 92
Rock 107
Mix 103.1
Classic 98 Rock
181.FM - Christmas Classics
Soft Sunday Sounds
News Radio 1150
Mix 97.7
Hawaii Public Radio - KIPO
Fox Radio 910
C-SPAN Radio
The Drive 97.1FM
Gospel Highway Eleven
Mix 101.5
La Tricolor
Star 92.9
News Talk 1340
Super Estrella 107.1
La Mejor
Jazz Wyoming
The Bull
Voice of Russia - English (USA)
FM NewsTalk 97.1
Jazz88 FM
El Rey 1360
José 93.9
NEPR News Network
El Gato 103.1
Exa FM Las Vegas
Cat Country 98.1
Classical 90.7
Talk 540
The Monkey
Classical Public Radio
Classic Hits 107.9 WNCT
My Praise FM
Gospel 1300
Jazz 88.1
997 DJX
Z92 Miami
Click 98.9 FM
Classical 90.5
La Mega Mundial
AM 820 News
New England Public Radio
Tha Beat
La Z 94.3 FM
CNN 650 Radio News - KIKK
The 1920's Radio Network
100.3 The Sound
NOAA Weather Radio
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In search of a way to listen to AM and FM radio on your new Samsung Galaxy S9? And without using up your data plan? Well, we’ve got good news and bad news for you. The good news is that almost every smartphone has an FM Receiver chip inside of it, which allows your phone to pick up FM radio frequencies that you can listen to by way of an app. The bad news is that most carriers keep the FM Receiver inside of your phone turned off, and there’s no way that you as an individual can turn it on.

Offline Radio App Free Download

There are a couple of devices where the FM radio chip is turned on, but the Galaxy S9 is not one of those phones. However, all hope isn’t lost for listening to AM or FM radio. Follow along below and we’ll show you how you can tune into your favorite local stations.

TuneIn Radio

The first and probably best way you can listen to AM/FM radio is through an extremely popular app called TuneIn Radio. Serving over 50 million listeners per month, TuneIn Radio is serving up access to around 100,000 radio stations worldwide. In addition to typical radio station access, there are plenty of on-demand programs you can access, as well as podcasts you can tune into. TuneIn Radio makes it easy to start listening on your Galaxy S9, and then continue on a tablet or computer elsewhere.

Listeners will love the support TuneIn Radio has for hands-free capabilities. Simply say “OK Google, listen to Nash FM” or “OK Google, listen to WYCD” and either station will start playing. Of course, you can change the name of the radio station to whichever your preference is!

Offline Fm Radio App For Android Free Download

Download it now: Google Play


The next best app that you can use to tune into local radio stations is iHeartRadio. This one uses your phone’s data plan to stream the content from them, as iHeartRadio doesn’t support AM/FM listening through the phone’s FM Receiver because, well, generally the FM Receiver isn’t enabled in smartphones.

The neat thing about iHeartRadio is the wide access to content you have. It’s completely free to use, and you’ll be able to access all of your favorite local radio stations — they’ll just stream over your phone’s data plan. However, in addition to that, you can listen to radio personalities live and even catch your favorite podcasts.

iHeartRadio even has a subscription plan that you can subscribe to, if you want. This will enable you to listen to any song you want, have unlimited skips, and even download songs for offline listening. If you’re ready to get started with iHeartRadio, and for free, hit the link below.

Download it now: Google Play


Next Radio might be last on our list, but it’s one of the best ways for listening to AM or FM radio signals. Once again, you will have to have that FM Receiver chip enabled in your smartphone, but if it’s on, NextRadio will use that to stream content from all of your favorite local AM and FM radio stations. To listen to FM and AM radio stations, you will need to have headphones hooked up, as it uses your headphones as an antenna to pick up those radio signals.

However, if the FM Receiver isn’t enabled, you can still use NextRadio, but instead of using that FM Receiver chip, it will be using your phone’s data plan to stream the content instead. But don’t worry too much! The neat thing about NextRadio is that it’s really efficient as far as data use goes — you can use NextRadio for hours at a time without it taking up too much of your data. Other than that, the user interface is laid out very nicely, so it’s easy to access stations and navigate to different parts of the app without much hassle.

Download it now: Google Play


It’s almost impossible to listen to FM or AM radio frequencies with the FM Receiver in your phone being activated. On the off chance that it is activated in your smartphone, you’ll be able to listen to NextRadio without using up any of your data; however, if it isn’t activated, you’re going to be stuck using apps like TuneIn Radio and iHeartRadio to tune into your favorite local radio stations and talk show programs. Do you have a specific way that you listen to FM radio while you’re on the go? Let us know what it is in the comments section below!