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Aug 16, 2019 RX Elements: Audio Repair Plug-in, iZotope, Inc. De-click to clean up vinyl clicks, mouth noise and soften up clicky bass guitars, De-hum to remove ground loop hum and line noise, and the critically acclaimed De-noise technology, which is finely tuned for vocals and dialogue, to reduce unwanted steady state or evolving. Learn how to declick and denoise your voice over audio with RX Elements by iZotope. Mouth clicks are one of the most difficult things for voice actors to dea. The De-click plug-in and module in iZotope RX automatically identifies and removes clicks, pops, and digital impulse noises that can ruin a listening experience. Use De-click when polishing audio transfers and other recordings suffering from quality degradation, digital errors, cell phone interference, and more with the low-latency De.

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Izotope Rx Declick

Izotope Rx Declick

Izotope Rx Declick

Mouth De-click detects and reduces mouth noises such as clicks and lip smacks. It’s designed for use on longer audio selections, but it can also be used to remove individual clicks.


  • SENSITIVITY: Determines how many mouth clicks are detected in the signal. Increasing sensitivity can impact plosives, reducing or damaging the original signal.
  • FREQUENCY SKEW: Targets the detection and removal of clicks to lower or higher frequencies. Negative values are more suitable for generic clicks such as those found on vinyl recordings. A setting of zero or above targets mouth clicks in the middle frequencies.
  • CLICK WIDENING: Click Widening extends the repair area around detected clicks, compensating for mouth sounds such as lip smacks that have a decay.

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Running Mouth De-click twice sometimes produces a better result than a single pass. This is because an initial run can miss the quieter clicks that were masked by louder clicks.