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If you are planning to install Apache, PHP and MySQL on Windows 10 machine, then you can do so by choosing any of the two options given below: You can use any ready-to-use packages like: WampServer, XAMPP etc. You can make your own fully functional WAMP server (Manual Installation). Follow these steps to download and install MySQL on Windows 10. Click on the following link to download MySQL community version 8.0.14 Download MySQL.Select the version as shown in the below image. Depending on your purpose of installing MySQL on Windows 10, the installation process may be extremely simple or quite complex. Since the database program is for both server-side and client-side roles, and is also used by the developers, you must be precise while picking your options and configuring them during the installation. If you have an online connection while running the MySQL Installer, choose the mysql-installer-web-community file. If you do NOT have an online connection while running the MySQL Installer, choose the mysql-installer-community file. Note: MySQL Installer is 32 bit, but will install both 32 bit and 64 bit binaries. Online Documentation.

I am trying to install MySQL on a Windows 10 PC. I downloaded the installer package and followed those steps

  1. Went to https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/windows/
  2. clicked on 'MySQL Installer'
  3. Scrolled to Generally Available(GA) Releases section
  4. Clicked on 'Windows (x86, 32-bit), MSI Installer' (mysql-installer-community- and it started the download.
  5. Once the download was complete, I double clicked on the installer and it gave a usual pop-up for any installation like,'Do you want this app to make changes to your device?' after clicking on 'yes' for the answer to this question, it shows 'Please wait while Windows configures MySQL-Installer-community' like below screenshot.

And then it keeps showing this installation progress bar for a very long time. Like more than 7-8 hours and the installation never completes

So it seems something is wrong as I don't think MySQL installation needs this long time. I tried to restart my computer and then delete any files related to MySQL from my computer and then started the whole process of installation again. But no luck yet

Anyone has any suggestion on this or did anyone face this kind of issue before? If so, is there a fix or a work around for this?

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10 Answers

ok. So finally this is how I resolved my issue. And I found the solution at https://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=82004 . The solution to this problem is to close an open 'Windows installer' (the one using 0 memory and CPU) via task manager and the installation should begin running as expected.

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Alternative solution: Use an administrator command prompt to run the MySQL installer on Windows 10. Details:

(Note: if you have any problems in the following steps, you can try to restart your computer. Then restart the steps.)

  1. Right-click the Start/Windows icon in the bottom-left corner of Windows.
  2. Click: Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  3. A window asks: Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Click: Yes.
  4. Change to the directory with the MySQL installer. For example, if you downloaded the MySQL installer, type something like:

cd C:Usersmy_usernameDownloads


(Note: To save some typing, you can type a few characters, and then press the tab key, to make Windows show you various auto-completion options.)

  1. Run the MySQL installer. Type something like the following command---make sure to include the period and backslash at the beginning---and press Enter.


Note: The idea of using an administrator command prompt came from John Geffe, in the link below, which was cited in the answer written by the original poster (user8425592):

Bug #82004 MySQL Installer freezes during 'Please wait while Windows configures...' phase

[6 Feb 3:58] John Geffe

To get past this problem I had to run the .msi installer from an the Administrator command prompt. Hopefully this helps someone in the future.

[19 Apr 18:14] Jim McCauley

John Geffe: Thanks! Your note on installing as an administrator seems to have taken care of the problem.

Winston C. YangWinston C. Yang
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Go to the link you provided (the first one) and try installing MySql Workbench. That is the version that is commonly used, and one that I verified works in Windows 10. Here is the link: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/

Obviously, make sure you choose the right architecture, have the correct permissions to install software, and have enough space on your hard drive, or on the machine you are installing to.

Yuriy FYuriy F

Please install 'Update for Visual C++ 2013 and Visual C++ Redistributable Package' from Microsoft Site 'http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/5/6/056DCDA9-D667-4E27-8001-8A0C6971D6B1/vcredist_x64.exe'

Please look here at https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/3179560/update-for-visual-c-2013-and-visual-c-redistributable-package

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Another thing that worked for me was running the installer in compatibility mode for previous version of Windows. You can try that as well.

Maciej Jureczko
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Bogdan UifaleanBogdan Uifalean

Yes, I also got the same problem on my Windows 10.Followed the Powershell solution and it worked.Just repeat the above:

  1. Click Start on bottom left corner

  2. Scroll down the application list until Windows Powershell

  3. Select Windows Powershell again on sub-menu

  4. Type in cd (to change to your .msi folder)

  5. Type .xxxxx.msi (this is the installer file name)

All good.

Julien Chien
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Ricky NelsonRicky Nelson

Once you install the above package run the installer again and do the steps. You will be able to install the mysql-installer-community- for 64 bit windows 10


closing Windows Installer instances using 0 memory and CPU helps me to get past this problem.


Install Mysql 5.7 In Windows 10

For me on Window-10 machine, there was a problem with the 'mysql-connector-net-8.0.11.msi'. I was not able touninstall this and hence all my subsequent efforts to install MySQL were failing. I did the following to overcome this issue.

Mysql 64 Bit Download Windows

  1. Re-installed 'mysql-connector-net-8.0.11.msi' Get it here and used the 'Repair' option
  2. Installed the 'mysql-installer-web-community-'

These two things solved my problem. Hope this helps.

Jagadeesh SaliJagadeesh Sali

this did the trick for me: https://ao.gl/mysql-community-server-msi-installer-hangs-on-windows-10/

1) run cmd (commandline) as Administrator2) cd to your location that you downloaded the .MSI to3) run the “msiexec” commandline tool with option “/i” as follows:4) msiexec /i [replace with file name]5) example: msiexec /i mysql-installer-community-


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