Hack Android Phone Using Mac Address


The 4th method to hack WhatsApp is to use the MAC address of the target phone. In this method, we will need the MAC address of the target phone, the BusyBox.

  1. Hack Android Phone Using Pc
  2. Mac Connect To Android Phone

Hello friends, today we will learn spoofing MAC Address on Android Mobile Phones. I will give you a brief description of a MAC address. A Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a 12-character unique identifier assigned to a specific piece of hardware, such as the network adapter, of your WiFi device. In simple words, a MAC address can be used to uniquely identify your Android phone on the Internet or the local network.

Spoofing MAC Address on Android Devices

Even though the MAC address is embedded on the hardware device during manufacture, it can still be spoofed to input a new one of your choice. Here is a detailed instruction on how to spoof MAC address on Android phone.

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Before you spoof the MAC address, you need to record the original/current MAC address of your device, which can be done according to the instruction below:

  • On the Home Screen of your phone, tap the Menu button and go to Settings.
  • Tap About Device and go to Status
  • Now scroll down to record the 12-digit code shown under WiFi MAC address. An address would read something like:

Example MAC address:E5:12:D8:E5:69:97

Prerequisites for Spoofing MAC Address on Android Smartphones :

  1. Rooted Android Smartphone
  2. BusyBox app (You can download and install it from the Google Play store)
  3. Terminal app (Download and install it from the Google Play store)

Steps to Spoof MAC Address on Android Devices:

Step 1: Open the Terminal app and type the commands as listed below:

$ su [Press Enter]

$ busybox iplink show eth0 [Press Enter]

This step will show you the current MAC Address of your Android Smartphone.

Step 2: Now, let’s type the command below to replace the MAC Address with a new spoofed MAC address:

$ busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX [Press Enter]

This will replace your original MAC address with new MAC address.

Step 3: Now you have successfully spoofed your MAC address. Repeat step 1 to check your new MAC address.

That’s it guys! Spoofing a MAC address has multiple benefits and is extremely useful in spoofing your identity over the network. You can bypass multiple authentications, like hacking Whatsapp or other applications which use device ID for verification, just by spoofing your MAC address.

Hack Android Phone Using Mac Address

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So friends, keep learning! Stay connected!

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging appsout there used by most people in a huge manner recently. WhatsApp offers instant messaging services, such as chatting and sharing, as well as voice and video calling. WhatsApp has more than one billion users, and more users are downloading the app daily. This is because it is free to use all the interesting messaging services presented by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp can be used by anyone with a smartphone. Hence, even a kid with a smartphone can install the app on his/her phone. As a result, many parents would want to monitor their child’s sent and received messages, chatting activities, and much more.

More so, a wayward spouse can easily use the WhatsApp instant messaging app to secretly connect with their promiscuous partners, dubious staff can use the app to progress their dubious acts.That is why most people want to install any spy application to hack WhatsApp messages. These spy apps would help them to hack WhatsApp messages without access to target phone and gain access to received and sent messages, calling, and storage information, etc.

Hack Android Phone Using Pc

There are lots of WhatsApp spy tools out there that can be used to hack WhatsApp messages. However, mSpy is one of the bestand efficient spy tools.Using mSpy follows an easy process to hack WhatsApp messages without access to target phone and to track someone. If you want to use mSpy to hack someone else’s WhatsApp messages, follow the steps below:

Hack WhatsApp messages on Android via mSpy

If you want to hack WhatsApp messages on Android phones, mSpy is the most recommended app. It enables you to track WhatsApp messages easily. The app is perfectly created for parents who want to ensure that their children are not misbehaving online. Hence, mSpy can be said to be more of a third-party monitoring tool than a hacking tool.

To hack WhatsApp messages on Android using mSpy, follow these steps:

Visit the mSpy website to open an account, you may choose to install the WhatsApp hacking app on your Android phone or use the desktop version.

The next step is to install the mSpy monitoring tool on the victim’s Android phone. You need physical access to the victim’s phone. Input a name that would be used to identify the victim and the age range. Then select the Android logo to complete the process of downloading mSpy monitoring tool on the victim’s phone.

Install and activate the monitoring app on the target device.

Follow all necessary procedures to hide icon to ensure invisibility and start monitoring as shown on the screen.

Once done, sign back into your account on either a web browser or mobile app. On the dashboard select ‘social apps’ option and click on ‘WhatsApp’ to view WhatsApp messages

You can also access all exchanged files. All you need do is to wait for a few minutes so as to allow mSpy synchronize with the monitored phone.

Tapping the refresh button will provide you with thelatest data from the victim’s phone without access to the target phone.

Hack WhatsApp messages on iPhone through iCloud

If you want to hack WhatsApp messages on iPhone, you need to follow the following steps:

Before now, you should have registered on the mSpy website, upgraded to a premium version and downloaded the control panel app to your device if wish. You do not need to install any monitoring tool on the iOS device, simplylogin to the mSpy control panel on the victim’s device with your personal login details, enter the teen name and age range, tap the Apple logo, insert the iCloud login details of the victim – iCloud ID and password, and tap on “Verify”.

Ensure that you activate the iCloud backup settings and synchronization on the victim’s iPhone. Sign back into your mSpy account on either a web browser or mobile app. On the dashboard select ‘social apps’ option and click on ‘WhatsApp’ or ‘WhatsApp Files’ to view WhatsApp messages and exchanged files respectively. Hence, you can now keep track of your victim’s WhatsApp messages.

Note that for the two methods above, if the victim’s device is turned off or doesn’t have an internet connection, you won’t be able to access the latest WhatsApp messages on the device.

Hack WhatsApp messages using MAC address

Hacking WhatsApp messages using MAC address requires a level of technical skill since it involves some difficulties. When you have the same MAC address on two devices, you would be able to run the same WhatsApp account on both devices. Though each device has its unique MAC address, you can change it for the purpose of spying the other’s WhatsApp messages.

It may prove hard to find the MAC address of your victim’s device, and without it, spying using this method is impossible. To get the MAC address of your victim’s device, follow the steps below:

iPhone – Go to “Setting” option – general setting – About option – MAC address.

Android (for older version) – Go to “Setting” option – About phone – status, scroll to where you would find the Wi-Fi MAC address.

For newer versions, go to “Setting” option – WiFi – click on menu and tap advance, scroll to where you would find MAC address.

Whatever device you use, just a small navigation on the “Settings”option should take you to the device’s MAC address. Copy this MAC address, uninstall WhatsApp on your own device, insert the same MAC address of your target device on your device, and reinstall WhatsApp. You can get the activation code from your target device. Once the WhatsApp is running on your device, you would receive an exact replica of WhatsApp messages from your target device.

Hack WhatsApp messages with Keylogger

Hacking WhatsApp messages with KeyLoggerrequires that you have physical access to the target phone to install the keylogger. Keylogger is software that can log keystroke on a device and Spyrix free keylogger is a popular keylogger. Once you have installed the keylogger on your target device, it logs and saves every word typed on the victim’s device in real-time. Hence, you can get all of the victim’s sent messages. The software can also take screenshots at intervals. Some shortcoming of this method is that it requires access to the target device again and again to retrieve the WhatsApp messages and it logs sent messages and leaves received messages to the guess of the spy.

Mac Connect To Android Phone

Why mSpy is the best?

Though there are lots of tools to hack WhatsApp messages without access to the phone, your main goalis to get the right tool that works perfectly for you. If you in search of a simple, easy to use WhatsApp hack tool, then mSpy is the best tool for you. mSpy enables you to easily spy on all of your victim’s sent and received messages.

mSpyis compatible with both Android and iOS devices and has lots of other benefits like spying other social media accounts like Facebook, Viber, Skype,iMessenger, etc. It can also track locations in real-time and monitors victim’s internet activities on the victim’s device and even more. mSpy also enables you to get into victim’s inbox messages as well as call history.

Note that mSpy can be usedremotely as a spy to keep a watch on your child. Hence, you can easily access your dashboard online from any deviceusing the control panel app or web browser.


There are several reasons why you may need to hack WhatsApp messages without access to the target phone. Whatever your reason may be, mSpy is the right WhatsApp messages hacking tool that would serve your best. And either your target phone is Android or iPhone, you have learned above how to use mSpy tool to hack your victim’s WhatsApp messages without stress.