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For installation, extract the save folders to Forza Horizon 4 save game location: Steam: userdata 1293830 Microsoft Store:%LocalAppData% Packages Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame8wekyb3d8bbwe SystemAppData wgs. x64-64Bit Forza Horizon 3 v1.0.99.2 +11 Trainer Hotkeys & Effects Home Active Trainer Numpad1 Maximum Engine Power Numpad2 Super Speed (450mph/h) Numpad3 Super Brake Numpad4 Freeze All Cars Numpad5 Freeze Timer Numpad6 Infinite Money Numpad7 Infinite Skill Points Numpad8 Add Xp: 10000 Numpad9 Add Fans: 10000 TELEPORT: PageUp Save Location PageDown Load. Oct 14, 2018 The money value is encrypted like in forza motorsports 7. I didn't want to bother wasting any time figuring it out adding a credit editor to make it easy to be used online. Besides took an extra ordinary amount of time to figure out how to debug it (thanks matze500 of megadev and dark byte for the tips).

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Forza Horizon 1 Download Pc

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SAVE DATA FROM XBOX ONE TO PC: Hi all, I'm currently seeking help if possible. Any help would be much appreciated! Basically I bought FH4 when it was first released on Xbox One, a few month down the line I built a gaming PC and I have ran the demo and its working flawlessly on my. Download: Download Horizon Ver. Below is a screenshot of the Horizon interface, you can easily browse the content on your Xbox 360's internal hard drive, or external USB hard drives which have been formatted for use with the Xbox 360. Horizon easily lets you extract and inject content in to your Xbox 360 hard drives.

Thought id give a quick type up to help people gamesave swap their forza horizon 4 accounts with modded saves
First and foremost this only works on PC but you can get it onto your xbox accounts aswell but we’ll get to that later.

1. either create a new xbox account via the xbox app or use your main ; I suggest a new account so you don’t risk your main account getting banned
2. play through the intro until you can choose your first car. Pick anything it doesnt matter, go for a drive for about 2 minutes or so, then the game creates a save and you can quit the game
3. locate your game save, i just type the abbreviation ” wgs ” into the lower left search bar and open the folder. (Windows Game Save)
alternatively C:UsersRYANAppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.SunriseBaseGame_8wekyb3d8bbweSystemAppData
instead of mscf6 use your computers name
4. Go to the tab view> sort by> date modified ; the folder at the top of the list will be your most recent account that has been used in forza. Open it.
5.You should see a file called containers and a folder, open the folder. Sort by date modified again. Now youll see 2 files that are bigger then 1kb in filesize
Copy the latest files title ; Dont copy the file, just the name.
6. Delete the 2 bigger files in that folder, Download any given save in the mediafire link below and put it into the folder where you deleted the old files.
7. Rename the new file you put into the folder to the name you copied in step 5
8. Run the game and see how it went, if you get put into tutorial you probably did something wrong so start again.

Forza Horizon 4 Vinyl Editor

Now to get this to work on an xbox you’d have to do it on a pc first with the account that is gonna be on the xbox, once above steps completed just go for a drive around while on pc to let it save. Lower right corner you will see a white ring that is a loading symbol, once that disappears its saved and you can quit.

Forza Horizon 4 Download Pc

Now jump on the xbox and sign into the account that was on the pc, load forza horizon 4, load last synced data (Cloud) and if all went well you’ll have the save on your xbox
I do not take credit for these saves, simply sharing with the world;
I take no responsibility for bans, use at your own risk.