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Learn how to operate radio controlled helicopters and planes before using the real models using this simple and straightforward app

In the eventuality that you are planning to purchase a remote-controlled aircraft, but you lack the experience on how to operate it, then you are probably worried that you are going to crash it from the first attempt. The good news is that you can use specialized software to fine-tune your flight skills before using the real model.


ClearView RC Flight Simulator is an application that enables you to learn the basics of how to operate a radio-controlled helicopter or plane before using the real model.

Allows you to set the CV control functions and calibrate the aircraft

The program comes with an intuitive interface, whereas the splash screen includes a small helicopter ready to be launched. As you can preview, the app prompts you to check out the Help section and learn the keys so you can get started.

Then again, you do not have to use the default hotkeys provided, but rather you can customize the keys as well as the controller for operating the aircraft. Moreover, you can configure the best settings for the graphics card so that you make the most out of the 3D physics engine of the app. Lastly, you can set up the camera so that you can view exactly what happens to your aircraft when you perform a certain maneuver.

A handy utility for anyone planning to acquire a remote-controlled aid device

In addition to aircraft, the application also includes a section for cars where you can learn more about how to operate these devices. At the same time, you have dozens of playgrounds and sites to choose from, so you get accustomed to the environments where you plan to use the real remote controlled models.

All in all, ClearView RC Flight Simulator is an easy to use program that enables you to learn how to perform the basic operations with your remote-controlled plane, car or helicopter and hence, save some time and money in the long run.

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ClearView RC Flight Simulator was reviewed by Alexandra Sava
  • The model selection, flying fields, flying time and some menus are limited in the demo version
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Clearview Rc Simulator Software

ClearView RC Flight Simulator 5.34

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Clearview Rc Flight Simulator Crack

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Clearview Rc Flight Simulator Crack Download

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