Optimum General Contracting is a full-service General Contracting firm, providing first class “turnkey” construction services to commercial and residential clients in the NYC area. With offices in Midtown and Long Island, we have been serving the NYC area for over 27 years.

Our Construction Management team staffed with talented and motivated industry professionals with a diverse background in Management, Design, and Construction Administration. Optimum’s diverse portfolio of completed projects includes the buildout of Commercial and Medical Offices, Restaurants, Retail spaces, Public Lobbies, and Lavatories. Our accomplishments have earned us a reputation for excellence, resulting in our becoming one of the most successful construction firms in the industry.

Optimum General Contracting is committed to improving sustainability for our client’s projects, as well as for our communities and within our own company. We are passionate about developing and maintaining advanced, specific, and comprehensive knowledge for each project type we support.

We embrace the corporate social responsibility model by designing and performing maintainable actions that positively impact the financial, environmental, and social aspects.